Features Every PM Solution Should Have

In recent years, there has been a boom in project management solutions as developers recognize an opportunity to help organizations automate time-consuming tasks and streamline their internal processes. As a result, there are hundreds of software solutions all focusing on the same issues. Teams must know what features to look for in order to find the solution that will best support their processes.


Below, we walk through the features to look for if you are on the market for a project management solution that will save you time and money and differentiate your company from the competition.

1. Task Management

Project management solutions are built around this essential feature. Nevertheless, you must consider what type of tasks your team performs, as some options may not provide enough support.


The task management tool should support task assignment, project updates, and provide alerts for missed or overdue tasks. This feature helps eliminate confusion among team members and allows for efficient time management (no more missed deadlines).

2. Document Management

We can all agree that keeping track of documents is hard. That is why having the ability to access floorplans, customer documents, photo & videos, punch lists, and notes, is an essential feature for a PM solution.


These resources should also be easily shareable with project stakeholders (more about shareability below).

3. Collaborative

Every project management team dreams of seamless collaboration both internally and externally. Some teams consist of many individuals, and there are times throughout a project’s lifecycle when team members are required to access each other’s work. For this reason, your project management tool should allow for file sharing and team communication (bonus if it can be done in real time).

4. Project Planning

To effectively manage projects, team leads must stay up to date with the status of every detail. With a proper project planning feature, users can easily view progress across all projects, identify issues before they arise, monitor timelines, and share reports with stakeholders.

5. Intuitive Interface

When introducing new technology to a team, leaders run the risk of being met with reluctance. This makes ease of use a top requirement for a project management solution. It should be intuitive and have a minimal design and simple interface. Additionally, your project management solution provider should offer timely maintenance and support when issues arise.

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