How to Propose New Technology for Your Company

Did you recently discover new technology that you feel would solve important company needs? Then you’ve come to the right blog. We’re here to walk you through the next steps of creating a winning pitch for the decision-makers in your organization, and how to overcome some of the challenges you’ll face from employees.

The Pitch

To compose a successful pitch, you must present the new technology in a way that demonstrates how it will solve the existing and future problems. This proves the ongoing value of the solution. In addition, you must present your new tech pitch in the most appropriate medium, which may be as simple as an email to your director or as formal as a department-wide meeting.


TIP: Always consider timing when proposing new technology. Be conscious of how the changes will affect employees. How long will it take to learn the new process? Will it take extensive preparation? Be mindful that significant changes should be announced several weeks in advance to give employees time to prepare.

The Why

New tech proposals should always be well-thought-out and clearly explain why the solution is a perfect fit and how it will positively impact your organization. Will it increase productivity? How about profit? Make sure to include answers to questions high-level decision-makers will have about investing in the new tech.

The Challenges

Employees are always reluctant to adopt new technology. To overcome this, effectively address uncertainties about how the new tech will affect current business dynamics, and to what degree employees will be involved in the changes. Directly addressing these uncertainties early on will demonstrate that you’ve carefully considered the effects the new technology will have on the day-to-day lives of your colleagues.

The Specifics

Now that everyone knows what the new technology is, it’s time to present the specifics regarding business processes. How will it affect business operations? Will it require additional training or certifications? Identify the impact of the new solution – now, during, and after adoption.

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