Four Benefits of Upgrading Your Project Management Process

The digital age is here, and project managers everywhere are feeling the heat from their tech-savvy competitors who have implemented streamlined project management solutions at their organizations.
Streamlining provides countless benefits. Below, we’ve compiled feedback from project managers about the top four features they find most beneficial to their PM process.

1. Task Management

“Hunting down team members to receive project updates is tiring and inefficient.”
By far, one of the most appreciated features of a project management solution is task management.


With task management, users have direct access to their team members’ task lists and can verify if individual tasks are on track or have hit a delay. Having the ability to identify issues in advance allows PMs to save valuable time and keep stakeholders informed about timeline changes. Bonus points for project management solutions that provide task management visibility on-the-go, giving project managers access to the latest project information no matter their location. Say goodbye to the days of having to personally follow-up with team members about their to-do lists.

2. Secure, Cloud-Based File Storage

“We’re all guilty of saving files on our desktop and not in the appropriate client folders.”
Many times, documents go missing or are filed away in the incorrect project folder. Having a cloud storage solution allows project managers to organize and share files across multiple projects seamlessly with teammates.

Project managers report that after adopting a cloud-based file-sharing protocol, saving files in the cloud becomes second nature to teams, allowing for more seamless collaboration across projects, which is especially beneficial for teams with remote members.

3. Critical Path Tracking

Critical Path tracking allows project managers to stay updated on their team’s progress and foresee project delays before they happen…


Project managers enjoy this feature because it provides an at-a-glance view of how the team is progressing through the project timeline.

Certain PM solutions (like Meadows Workflow) provide teams with an online Gantt chart, which is a visual view of the project timeline, making it easier to schedule and update tasks and teams.

4. Expert Reporting

“Responsiveness rates are directly correlated to customer satisfaction. When all your files are at your fingertips, you can connect with clients instantly.”
Keeping clients informed about their project’s progress and milestone achievements has been proven to strengthen client relationships. But generating professional status reports can be time-consuming.

With an integrated reporting tool, sharing updates can be as easy as clicking a button. Seamlessly download and share data via your dashboard with clients whenever requested with no turnaround time. Waste no time running back to your office to gather documents and files to send to your client.

Simply select the data required and click send. All the professional formatting is done for you.

There is no better time than the present to streamline and upgrade your project processes.


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