Five Ways to Be a Better Project Manager

A project manager’s tasks vary depending on the industry. Nevertheless, there are a handful of work habits and behaviors that are the same amongst the most effective project managers. Below, we’ve highlighted the top five habits that help PMs complete their projects on time, every time.

1. Focus on the Details

Getting to know a project thoroughly before embarking on the journey with a client is critical. This includes reviewing the specifics of what needs to be completed and determining how much time and money must be allocated to fully execute the project.


*Pro Tip: Make the most of client meetings by bringing pre-written questions that will help you better understand their vision.

2. Evaluate All of Your Resources

Every project is different and demands a certain level of knowledge and expertise. For this reason, it’s important to assess your resources, such as your team members (and their strengths and weaknesses), funds, and equipment.

3. Incorporate Project Management Tools

In recent years, there has been a boom in project management software and tools intended to help PMs better manage their day-to-day tasks. Our game-changing project management solution, Meadows Workflow™, streamlines your business process from beginning to end and helps you seamlessly manage your team, resources, tasks, and much more.


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4. Be Realistic with Milestones

Project Managers juggle numerous projects, with different timelines, tasks, budgets, and people. This makes planning and setting milestones a paramount step in the project process. A PM needs to understand what tasks must be completed during each phase to stay on track.

5. Be a Solutions-Focused Leader

As a PM, everyone will rely on you for direction and answers.


You must be able to approach every situation with a solution-focused mentality. The way you handle issues (especially the unexpected ones) sets the tone for the rest of your team.

Now that you know how

the best of the best do it…


It’s time to incorporate these highly effective habits and behaviors into your own strategy when tackling your next project.


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