Efficiently Manage Your Team Without Micromanaging

A quick online search will provide an abundance of strategies to help combat micromanaging. Truth is, one of the best ways to do this is to adopt a project management solution that helps you get strategic about your team’s workload.


A recent report by Capterra shows that PMs who are using a project management software are utilizing the task management, reporting, and collaboration features the most, which demonstrates that – in addition to streamlining internal processes – project management tools are also extremely valuable when it comes to seamless team management.

In this post, we explore the top four ways a PM solution can help you go from micromanager to super manager.

Workload Management

Let’s face it. While micromanaging may lead to short term results, it can have long term effects on your team’s morale and productivity. Imagine having a tool that streamlines workload management, allowing you to assign and monitor your team members’ tasks without having to check in with everyone every step of the way. PMs who have adopted a project management solution have the ability to gain valuable insight into how work is distributed amongst team members, which helps identify roadblocks and mitigate delays.


In a perfect world, an 8-hour window would be more than enough time to make significant progress. However, for project managers who frequently work weekends, late nights, and early mornings, hours tend to be unpredictable. Stay on top of project timelines with a project management solution that allows important updates to be captured and shared in real-time. When your team is always connected, no matter their location, you can say goodbye to long hours in the office.


Communication is the string that holds teams together. When a team can work in harmony, it boosts productivity and quality of work. With a project management solution, team members are always connected. Project details are updated in real-time and synced to a secure web platform, which provides a central place for all team members to access project information and documentation. When everything you need is at your fingertips, collaboration is seamless.

Timeline Management

Working on a number of important, time-sensitive projects can be overwhelming for both managers and team members. When there is no system of prioritization for a team, it can feel like you’re navigating rough waters. Cut the chaos and adopt a project management solution that can provide a detailed view of project KPIs, including overall progress, team productivity, outstanding tasks, and individual and team workloads. This ensures your team stays on track and meets projected milestones.

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