The Benefits of a PM Solution

“If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” Perhaps one of the most famous phrases in the English language. Nevertheless, when related to your project management process, just because it’s not noticeably broken does not mean there’s no room for improvement.


In an industry that sees constant changes in demand, trends, and processes, it has become increasingly important to stay on top of the moving parts both externally and internally to remain competitive. For this reason, there exist a plethora of project management solutions to help you streamline everyday tasks.


But not all project management solutions are created equal, so it’s up to you to determine which one best accommodates your organization’s processes and delivers the best ROI.


TIP: There are free online search engines that can help you find the appropriate software by searching keywords related to your industry or intended use case.

With over 50 years of industry experience, we understand the difficulty of juggling numerous projects with different timelines, tasks, budgets, and people.


Our project management solution, Meadows Workflow™, was developed for use by your entire team – project managers, designers, coordinators, account managers, installers, and more – whether they are in the field or back in the office. It keeps team members continually connected, no matter their location.

When project details are updated from the mobile application, changes automatically sync to a secure web platform, which provides a central place for all team members to view their tasks, overall project status, and other project KPIs.

Using Meadows Workflow™, your enhanced project management process will help you keep projects on track and exceed client expectations, setting your company apart from the competition.


Put your focus where it matters and let us handle the rest! Get started by scheduling a live demo of Meadows Workflow™ with one of our experts.